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Talk of the Toile – Old Stuff and Rocky Pastures

The Designer Show House at the Kenneth Roberts Estate in Kennebunkport opened to the general public on Saturday, June 23.  “Rocky Pastures”, as the estate was called when Roberts lived and wrote there from 1938 until his death in 1957, … Continue reading

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A Giant Mess

I went to an estate sale at home last weekend.  It was on a familiar family street, one I’d walked down a thousand times.  Old sofas and Tee Vees lined the driveway and were spilling out of the porch.  The … Continue reading

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Bloggernot, Part One

The other day at The Big Corporation, my friend Slim said “Hey! I liked Maiden Voyage.”  Her name isn’t really Slim, but it could be because she’s tall, slim, and pretty, just like a super model.  Think Gisele Bunchen without … Continue reading

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