On a few occasions, I’ve mentioned the fact that I do not have a Tee Vee.  It’s been a long time; maybe since 1999.  In the beginning, it was a financial choice.  Over time, it became a personal choice. Many hours have passed, now, and when I watch television at someone else’s house, it is “other worldly” to me.  I notice how unnatural and bizarre the commercials are and how artificial and enhanced the news puppets look.

Do you notice it too?  Or have you been desensitized to it?

It would be phony of me, though, to say I don’t have any “media” in my life because I have had a home computer since the 1990’s.  I’ve waxed and waned with mobile communication devices; I recently got a “smart” phone and admit to being just a little addicted to constant communication.

I also listen to hours of sports and sports talk on the radio.  The chipmunk-like chatter is background noise for me, as much as I hate to admit it.  Radio commercials are equally offensive and stupefying; some woman is always telling her boyfriend that she just posted a mustard-covered picture of him to the internet with blazing fast speed.  Or Dustin tells us how much he loves coconut water.

In Ben Hewitt’s book, “The Town That Food Saved” the author outlines how Americans watch more than 5 hours of Tee Vee per day; add digital media to that hour count and it seems like we have made full-time jobs of watching Tee Vee, texting, and updating Facebook.

Today, I’m going to conduct an experiment.  Once I post this blog entry and make my daily comment on my Class Reunion Facebook page, I’m going to shut my computer.  I haven’t turned the radio on yet to hear The Chipmunks parse the Patriots’ game and I’ll leave it off.

I wonder if I can go a whole day in silence?


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