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Pleasant Books

It’s a drag to finish a pleasant book.  Then there are the books that are not delightful but once begun, must be finished. There are always interruptions.  File this under “reading more than I thought I would this year.”

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Wednesday Like No Other

It’s hard to imagine a world without fork-split English muffins, isn’t it?  The toasted tasty flat pieces of bread with “nooks and crannies” full of butter and jam are a staple of modern morning life.  Samuel Bath Thomas made them … Continue reading

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How About Wednesday?

Dear Friend, This will be the first week I have not hand-written my weekly letter to you.  I fell asleep with the twelfth Mitfod book on my chest and too many pillows under my neck.  Around midnight, the rain tapped … Continue reading

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The Beehive of Truth

I’ve cast a disdainful eye on television in the years I’ve been blogging.  I’ve referred to it as “Tee Vee” and taken a position that it’s like a termite chewing through the gray matter of the nation’s collective brain.  Regardless … Continue reading

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The Window on Wiscasset

Before my brother left for the Iowa State Fair, he kept talking about “the butter cow.”  Silly me, I thought “the butter cow” would be some gentle bovine creature with big brown eyes and a set of abundantly generous udders.  … Continue reading

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Mining our Material

My brother, Jim Baumer, gave a talk at the Lisbon Historical Society last night.  The subject of his 40 minute “chat” was John Gould’s career as a newspaper writer and editor.  Gould, the author of more than twenty books, also … Continue reading

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Righting the Ship

Have I written a blog post about overcommitments, projects spinning like plates in the air, and borrowed time? Yes?  Then there is no reason to do that today. This is a sidewalk strip garden on Maple Street.  A woman named … Continue reading

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Situational Honesty

It’s hard not to be cynical, isn’t it?  According to an article I read this week, 30 percent of Americans are dishonest, 40 percent are situationally honest, and only about 30 percent are honest all of the time. The article … Continue reading

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High Mowing San Marzanos

August…the month of tomatoes. The process of planting the tiny seed, nurturing the plant, and then finally seeing tomatoes ripen is always miraculous to me.  It doesn’t matter how many tomatoes I grow. A beautiful Monday miracle.

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