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Here is the Church

Here is the church.  Here is the steeple. Open the door and see nothing.  They’re tearing it down. I’m sure something beautiful will replace it, like a Rite Aid or a Five Guys.  If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get a … Continue reading

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Some Pearls of Great Price

If a person were to read this blog diligently every day he or she might get the notion that I have spent time reading The Holy Bible. That notion would be correct. I also studied this book as literature in … Continue reading

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Oh, Snap!

I’ve posted a picture of this chair before. This past weekend I noticed it wasn’t in its usual place, but I thought Uncle Bob had moved it to mow the lawn. Then Uncle Bob came out and confessed.  He told … Continue reading

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Reggie Black Blogs!

Aunt Tomato asked me to write this. She finds it all quite droll and amusing. She thought I should start with À la recherche du temps perdu about Italian tomatoes grown in Campania, in the rich volcanic soil in the … Continue reading

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My Moxie Pocketbook

With the Moxie Festival and the Moxie Recipe Contest less than three weeks away, I’ve been thinking about past events and projects I’ve planned and completed.  I’ve got three stories to tell this week about different elements of the Moxie … Continue reading

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The Honeysuckle Dreamlessness

My garden was a mess; when I go home, I’m so busy “moxifying” Lisbon Falls that I don’t have much time to weed.  Uncle Bob’s section of the garden is never a mess. In spite of the rain and clouds … Continue reading

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Something Suddenly Came Up

It’s a sorry excuse to use the old “Marcia Brady,” but something suddenly came up. It’s Reggie Black’s birthday, today, though.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish him a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday, Reggie!

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Calling Hilda Taylor

When I stopped by Hilda’s house the other day, I noticed this interesting “planter.” It’s either a recycled pallet or something she built, but I hope Hilda will honor my blog with a comment of instruction so we will all … Continue reading

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Peas in the Garden

When I first started writing my blog, my brother once said “I don’t understand the Uncle Bob angle.”  I’m probably not Uncle Bob’s favorite niece, true enough; I was one of many nieces when we were growing up.  These last … Continue reading

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It’s a Sign

One of my friends from Portland, Hilda Taylor, is passionate about helping cats.  When I first met her in the early 1980’s, she had just begun her involvement with an urban feral feline rescue and awareness organization.  You can read … Continue reading

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