Calling Hilda Taylor

When I stopped by Hilda’s house the other day, I noticed this interesting “planter.”

It’s either a recycled pallet or something she built, but I hope Hilda will honor my blog with a comment of instruction so we will all be the wiser!  After all, it’s my “Minimalist” post which means fewer words from me.

Rock the blog, Hilda!

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2 Responses to Calling Hilda Taylor

  1. Hilda Taylor says:

    I am honored to be featured in your gardening blog since I generally have a black thumb! Yes, it’s HALF of a recycled pallet! A whole one seemed like it would be too heavy and would take too much soil! This is a masonry pallet (since Klay is a stone mason) so it might be more rugged than the average. I did have to add a couple of pieces to the back (I could take a pic of the side view if you want) because of the way this particular one was made. Also, the other side has much wider spacing between the slats which would allow for larger plants. However, because I have LOTS of squirrels visiting here, this side worked better for me (less space for them to squeeze in and bury their nuts).

    I’ve seen instructions online where they just staple the landscaping cloth only to the back of the pallet. Then you have to do your initial planting while it’s horizontal and wait for the plants to get somewhat established before you tilt it upright (otherwise the dirt would fall out). The cloth that I used was a fairly thick and sturdy felt so I stitched it up on my sewing machine into a big pillowcase that I put INSIDE the pallet and stapled it all around the top. I filled it with soil and then cut into the fabric with a utility knife to make slits for putting in the plants (another squirrel deterrent as there’s very little exposed soil). I attached two metal curtain tie-backs to the top so that I could hang the unit off my porch railing and there are a couple of logs behind it so that it’s at a slight angle.

    I planted some nasturtium seeds in the top on Saturday so I’m hoping to see some sprouts after this weekend. Note the screen stapled over the gap-it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of a squirrel and will hopefully give the plants a chance to develop before I have to take it off and subject them to the industrious digging of my little furry friends. I’ll let you know how that works out!

    • It’s always more fun when real people explain things. Speaking of squirrels chasing nuts, it seems like forever since we were twenty-somethings riding around rural Maine in my Fiero, campaigning for Jerry Brown, doesn’t it?

      Hilda, thanks for writing and filling us in.

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