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My Corduroy Husband

This last week has been “one of those weeks.”  Nothing has gone as planned, especially at the Hampton Victory Garden.  Some of the people who so desperately wanted a garden spot in January have not responded to my offer of … Continue reading

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Worth Waiting For

It’s almost time for strawberries. These sweet and delicious signs of summer are worth waiting for.

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Message of Peppers

A week ago, I planted 13 of my tomato plants.  This weekend, I finished planting my remaining ten plants.  It was cold, wet, and rainy in the garden; it was quiet around town, too.  I guess everyone was inside watching … Continue reading

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Je suis toujours occupé

On Saturday morning, I told Reggie Black about my busy weekends in Maine.  I told him how tiring it was to race back and forth and how I looked forward to moving home.  I said “I just want to be … Continue reading

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Where’s My Wi-Fi?

Today’s contemplation on being busy has been postponed. I’ll do it tomorrow.

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The Memorial Day Blues

The weather forecast is sketchy here in New England this weekend and some of my Facebook friends are not happy. “The weather forecast is depressing.” “I’m seriously struggling with wardrobe decisions for Saturday and Sunday.” Sigh… I have mixed emotions … Continue reading

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Uncle Bob Says

Uncle Bob says if we don’t have it in the barn or the shed, we probably don’t need it. Uncle Bob is usually right.

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I Almost Ran Out of Gas

It’s 6:01 a.m. and I’ve overslept.  It’s been that kind of week, running from one place to another.  Work obligations, tomato obligations, Hampton Victory Garden obligations, Moxie obligations, blogging obligations, birthday obligations, family obligations, and friendship obligations have filled my … Continue reading

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The Rock Show

The other night I was talking to my friend Jaxon on the phone.  I never see Jaxon anymore because even though he only lives twenty miles away, he works all the time.  He works for one of the world’s most … Continue reading

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The Road Trip

In another life, I used to travel a lot more than I do today.  My job required me to “liaise” with customers and that meant I would travel and visit with them as often as they wanted to see me.  … Continue reading

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