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Who Owns You?

These things are harder to figure out every day. Who owns your time, your energy, and your talents?  You’ve got nothing to lose by contemplating this question. Think about it today.

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The Garden of the Mind

On Monday, Robin Follette posted her Fedco seed order on her blog.    What was that sound in my ear?  It sounded like a giant clock ticking; the ticking got faster and faster, just like the voices at the end of … Continue reading

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Writing and Cooking with Moxie

It was a typical Monday; the weather puppets wound everyone up with the threat of a winter storm yesterday afternoon.  Minute by minute radio reports, big warning signs on the interstate, and lots of fear fogging created an atmosphere of … Continue reading

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The Bridge to Somewhere

I had to jet to Portland yesterday and I didn’t realize the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge connecting Maine and New Hampshire was closed.  It’s under construction and sometimes it’s open; sometimes it’s closed.  I detoured around the U.S.S. Albacore Park … Continue reading

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Sunday Puzzles

There’s a new book store in Portsmouth; it’s called “Book and Bar” on Pleasant Street.  It’s a cross between a library and a pub; when it’s sunny, the large windows make it feel like a solarium.  It’s a good Saturday … Continue reading

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His Heart Wasn’t Into It

Whenever I have the good fortune to stay at Motel Four on snowy weekends, one of my favorite things to do is shovel snow with my father.  Shoveling is wonderful exercise and my father has a wide selection of snow … Continue reading

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In a Granite State

A friend from home suggested that walking in the deep, dark January freeze might be beautiful.  No stranger to challenges, I bundled up and trudged south a few miles. Sometimes, I feel like her, looking out towards something I can’t … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds

Wednesdays are supposed to be “Tiny Steps Gardening Days.” Sometimes Wednesdays fall on January 23; when this happens, it will always be my brother’s birthday and family birthdays trump 500 word essays about starting sprouts, saving seeds, or growing tomatoes … Continue reading

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

I was kicking around Portsmouth late yesterday afternoon and the bell in North Church rang the hour. The day had been windy and cold and the sky was preparing to spit snow.  The weather puppets had not agreed on their … Continue reading

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Heroes, Idols, and Worshipped Things

It’s a sad day here in New England.  One of the teams we worship, the New England Patriots, came up short last night in a football game.  I listened on the radio; I didn’t care for the national broadcasters.  I … Continue reading

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