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Friday Pillow Talk – Lilacs, Tulips, Daffodils, and Daisies

I’ve gone to Maine a lot lately.  I went to the Portland Flower Show, I went to Portland again to retrieve some forgotten gloves, and this week I had to go to Brunswick for a funeral.  Two weeks ago, while … Continue reading

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Here’s One Reason

To grow your own food… or know a local farmer.

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Eau De Garlic

When I got home from work yesterday, I smelled garlic.  Rich in sulphur, garlic gives off a pungent smell right about this time of year as it starts to rot.    I looked in my garlic basket, squeezed the disintegrating cloves, … Continue reading

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The Sentimental Memory Collector

I’m sentimental and I like to collect memories.  When I worked on the Junior League of Boston’s 2006 Decorator Show House, my co-chairwoman, Audra, gave me a brown sequined hair tie.  It was such a little thing and since that … Continue reading

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The Inventory

This is going to be a productive week.  Palm Sunday is clearly visible on my horizon and I am going home to inspect the garden I share with Uncle Bob.  Maybe O’Pa’s rhubarb is peaking through and maybe my garlic … Continue reading

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Lion or Lamb?

“Charming and fascinating he resolved to be. Like March, having come in like a lion, he purposed to go out like a lamb.”  Charlotte Brontë, Shirley, 1849. Did March come in like a lion?  Yes, it did and I have … Continue reading

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Whining Baby Bucket

This past week, I’ve been a whining baby.  I won’t go into all the details, but it’s similar to how we’ve all been crying and whining about winter being long and uncomfortable and then BANG we get some full force … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Salad Bars And Chariots

If you’re a new reader, you might think today’s post is strange.  Let me quickly set the stage for you:  I don’t have particularly restful sleep and sometimes when I try to improve it, I have funny dreams.  It all … Continue reading

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Spring Gloves

You might remember my story about aprons and “a very close family member who does not want to be mentioned on this blog (yet).”  Great news!  She has agreed to be mentioned on this blog.  Drum roll…it’s my mother!  (Thanks, … Continue reading

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Dear Aunt Tomato – Cold Weather Crops

The information I provide to you is editorial and helpful in nature and cannot be construed as perfect truth.  Some of the information I am providing is based on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.  The benefit claimed has not been … Continue reading

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