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Daffodils appear in my Surprise Garden! That’s something to be happy about.

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Gentle Might

One of my blog readers sent me a note the other day.  He had an uncle named Bob, too, and he shared this interesting anecdote about his uncle with me: “He once said that in his long life, almost 93 … Continue reading

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Breaking Ground

The Farm daffodils are finally breaking ground. Spring’s a bit late this year.  I’ll still take it.

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The Appendix Jinx

Before I worked at my current Big Corporation, I worked at another Big Corporation seven miles up the road.  My “cube” neighbor was a lot of fun; it wasn’t my favorite job, but having a good “cube” neighbor helped.  During … Continue reading

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Itty Bitty Surprise Garden

When I first started growing stuff, I grew flowers.  I planted these daffodil bulbs over on The Farm almost 10 years ago and then I forgot about them. They didn’t forget about me.

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Friday Pillow Talk – Lilacs, Tulips, Daffodils, and Daisies

I’ve gone to Maine a lot lately.  I went to the Portland Flower Show, I went to Portland again to retrieve some forgotten gloves, and this week I had to go to Brunswick for a funeral.  Two weeks ago, while … Continue reading

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