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A Sweet Start

I did not watch the 88th Annual Academy Awards last night.  I went to only one movie in the last 12 months, an independent film.  It didn’t win any awards.  I have nothing further to say about the winners and … Continue reading

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A Voice of Maine

My brother and I talk about writing.  We attend book signings of local authors; we read books and feature articles written by Maine writers.  We ask each other “what are the credentials for being considered a Maine writer?”  How long … Continue reading

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We’re Not All Related

I spent a day in the St. John Valley, collecting stories in the middle of a steady February snow. I know we’re not all related, but sometimes the six degrees of AYUH is a little unnerving. I’ll tell you about … Continue reading

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48 Hours

If you live here in Maine, you may be familiar with the Maine Media Collective.  They publish several Maine-centric magazines, like Maine. The Magazine® and MaineHome+Design.  The Brand Company is also part of the “collective” but it’s not to be … Continue reading

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It Boasts of Great Things

I wonder what my brother is writing about this morning, over there across the river.  The man with the big yellow pompadour, the pontiff, the woman in a yellow pantsuit barking like a dog, or some other image promoted as … Continue reading

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From the Archives

I was looking at old pictures in my camera this morning.  Last fall, I saw this sign on someone’s lawn during an early morning walk.  I wonder who lives in the house? Maybe I’ll meet them some day.

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Opalescent Fish Heads

Last Friday, I confessed to hitting the alarm clock snooze button on Friday mornings.  I have another confession.  I hit it on Mondays, too, but it’s not with Friday’s same joyousness.  There’s no love or happiness at all; it’s full … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

I love to hit my alarm clock snooze button on Fridays.  Even though I don’t fall back into a deep sleep for those eight or nine minutes, I spend the time listening to the quiet of the house and thinking … Continue reading

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The Pillars of Antiquity

I love old buildings. This column looks like it was designed using the style of the “Ionic order.” Learning something new every day…

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The Manning Conspiracy

The weather guessers (or the weather puppets, if you prefer) were wrong on Friday.  They had predicted between 3 and 6 inches of snow. Prior to Friday, temperatures were balmy and most of our meager season’s snow had melted.  Apocalyptic … Continue reading

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