48 Hours

If you live here in Maine, you may be familiar with the Maine Media Collective.  They publish several Maine-centric magazines, like Maine. The Magazine® and MaineHome+Design.  The Brand Company is also part of the “collective” but it’s not to be confused with The Brand Collective, which does not have any publications targeting “30,000 upscale readers who have a passion for all things Maine…”

Photographers from Maine. The Magazine®, in addition to presenting the personae of “all things Maine” to the watching world, show up at events around the state.  They take pictures and publish them on their website; if you’re lucky, you make it into their print publication under “There + Then.”  It’s like The New York Social Diary or Gawker, but for Maine people.

True confession, Handy and I were on page 18 of the February, 2016 print publication.  It’s a very nice picture, if I say so myself.  Thanks to handsome Handy and photographer Hannah Holmbom for making me look good.  Is this the pinnacle of my Maine life?  Who knows.

Maine. The Magazine® also features a monthly column called “48 Hours In.”  It’s 1,200 words, more or less, written in a diary format, and it provides details about the selected writer’s 48 hours in (you guessed it) Maine.  Places like the Kennebunks, Rangeley, and Boothbay.  It’s a creative way to feature a number of businesses in a certain geographic location.

You can read the features here.

I don’t have a “48 Hours In” assignment.  I do have my Lady Alone Traveler blog at the Sun Journal, though, and I’ll be heading out on a trip soon.  I’m contemplating using a “48 Hours In” format, but maybe I’ll be gone longer.  60 hours or maybe 72.

Taking a trip, even a 48 hour one, involves planning and I haven’t finished the itinerary yet.

If I were writing a “48 Hours In” Lisbon Falls, I’d start here at the new bridge being built to span the Androscoggin River.

Under the Bridge

I’d take a walk around town and then Handy would drive by and we’d go and look at some vacant foreclosed property being sold for $29,900 cash.

Not very glamorous, I know.

My upcoming trip will be more exciting.

I promise.

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4 Responses to 48 Hours

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Is the approach to the new bridge the same as the old, down from the intersection past the Worumbo, or did they cut a new approach over the hill? Enquiring minds want to know. It looks like you took this photo from the Durham side, but that hillside is so tore up that I’m likely mistaken.

  2. Jim says:

    I like the “48 Hours In” approach to capturing a location. Maine: The Magazine has that niche down. I’d love to write a couple of these, but alas, they seem to have an ample stable of writers.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures whenever you choose to post them.

    • So far, the journey has been enlightening, more so than I had expected. I hear Susan Sarandon is here in the County today stumping for the Bern. We are heading away from all that, towards the Valley.

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