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Aunt Tomato Reads Eight Pages Per Day

In November, I was looking longingly towards December and all the free time it would bring to slow down, quiet down, and read more. Reading is an important item in a writer’s toolkit, but December came and went and I … Continue reading

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This Blog is Not an Idol

It was snowy and I was stuck in The Coop last night; I started goofing around with some magic markers.  Then I made a few changes to the blog. I don’t want this blog to be an idol, but the … Continue reading

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Springing Forward

As we approach New Year’s, there are three predictions I can make with absolute certainty. First, the internet will be filled with “year in review” articles. Lots of bloggers will write “year in review” posts and some will coordinate these … Continue reading

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What Day Is It?

Not only is everyone in a post-Christmas food coma, but a winter storm is barreling towards us Yankees here in New England, promising to dump a little white matter everywhere. I think we’re only going to get rain and wind … Continue reading

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The Truth Turns on a Dime

There is an expression used about a car’s ability to change direction quickly. People say “it can turn on a dime.”  Over the long holiday weekend, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the truth of certain things.  … Continue reading

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Stay in Today

We watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” on Tee Vee last night; it’s a holiday favorite. Interestingly, many commercials brought loud tidings of “after-Christmas sales.” The message was “Let’s get this Christmas Day thing over as soon as possible so we … Continue reading

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The Midnight Wake Up Call

When I’m a guest in a friend’s house, I try to follow any instructions my host or hostess may give me.  After all, it’s not a hotel or resort.  When a host or hostess says “make yourself at home,” they … Continue reading

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Onward Safely and Slowly

The world didn’t end on Friday as some were predicting; doomers were disappointed but Christmas shopping went on with vigor on Saturday.  Jaxon and I went to the Farmer’s Market and many people were pushing and shoving with an apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Remind Me to Tell You

Friday seems to be a good day for laughter; last week at this time, I confessed the secrets of my supposed silliness by outlining whose funny material I had stolen over the years.  It’s a long list and it was … Continue reading

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Thanks, Mike!

Prior to taking a car trip, I brought my Jeep to the local dealership for an oil change and diagnosis of a “clicking” noise.  Mike, the service manager, paid close attention to the problem and it was fixed quickly. 780 … Continue reading

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