Thanks, Mike!

Prior to taking a car trip, I brought my Jeep to the local dealership for an oil change and diagnosis of a “clicking” noise.  Mike, the service manager, paid close attention to the problem and it was fixed quickly.

780 miles later, my Jeep has carried me away and safely back to The Coop.

Thanks, Mike!

For everyone with happy holiday motoring plans, don’t forget to check the oil and the tires.  Check those clicking noises, too.

While it’s not possible to anticipate every problem, avoiding easy ones is…well, easy!

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4 Responses to Thanks, Mike!

  1. Cherie Ripperton says:

    Welcome back my friend 😉

  2. faye says:

    i just bought a ticket to see a john lennon tribute concert at the franco am heritage at 9 on new years eve- i am going alone, and the musicians making up the band are some of maine’s best

    • Thanks for the info, Faye! Someday, I’d like to sit down and collect some of your great travel stories; the ones much farther than Lewiston. Imagine a whole blog post devoted to your “Lady Alone Travels” See you soon!

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