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It’s a Cook Off!

Last night, I dreamed some of my teeth fell out.  Before I turned out the light, I was thinking about how to make Moxie butter brickle cookies and that must be why not only my rear molar fell out during … Continue reading

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The Last Days of May

Du joli mois du mai… Would that life could always be so simple and lovely.

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The Moxie Moon

I took a walk around town on Sunday evening with the waxing crescent moon as my guide.  That and the scent of lilacs drew me up and down the familiar hills and neighborhoods through which I walked.  I’d been daily … Continue reading

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Fifty Days (More or Less)

Memorial Day is early this year, more or less.  It’s always on the last Monday of May and that would be May 25.  Here in Maine, Memorial Day is a beginning of many things, like tourism and gardening.  The governor’s … Continue reading

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Thursdays are…

Thursdays are chaotic days, on every front.  I thought there might be a pleasant and calming story somewhere on the ‘netz about the flowering plant genus Euphorbia, but that was not the case. Thursdays and Euphorbia…not to be confused with … Continue reading

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First Mow

Last week I exchanged some e-mails with one of my friends from New Hampshire.  We were talking about news and weather and she said “John mowed for the first time yesterday.” Is there anything that says you’re a homeowner louder … Continue reading

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Le Mois de Mai

The Lerner and Loewe musical, Camelot, features a fun and innocently scandalous song called “The Lusty Month of May.”  It’s the type of song that can get stuck in one’s brain for days, especially on a sunny spring one.  The … Continue reading

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Screaming Around the Corner

I was behind an antique car the other day, tailing it closely.  Flashback. That Chevette could still scream around corners.

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Don’t Tell Helen

I half-heartedly planned a jaunt to Boston on Saturday, to a boutique shopping event.  I made my reservation, paid the entrance fee, and starting working through the logistics in my head.  A shopping trip to “the big city” was just … Continue reading

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Tamp it Down

It’s hard to believe just last week hot air was blasting out of my heating vents and I was wrapped up in a turtleneck, a big sweater, and fleece vest.  Then, over the weekend, the “warmer season” arrived here in … Continue reading

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