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Liberty and Justice for All

The Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday this year.  One of my favorite blog posts, the Fire(Working) Man, ran on a Wednesday Fourth of July.  It’s about my father, Herman.  He made a good living “working for the man” … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Helen

I half-heartedly planned a jaunt to Boston on Saturday, to a boutique shopping event.  I made my reservation, paid the entrance fee, and starting working through the logistics in my head.  A shopping trip to “the big city” was just … Continue reading

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Herman’s Hip(ster)

Seven weeks ago today, my father had his hip replaced. Remember? He did great at the hospital, so great they sent him home on the third day.  Then the troubles began.  He was up a lot at night.  He was … Continue reading

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The King Calls

It was Elvis Presley’s birthday this past Wednesday; many have mourned Elvis since the day he died.  I’m sure Elvis was a perfectly lovely person. A musician I admired, Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame, wrote a song about Elvis, … Continue reading

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I’ll Have an Old Fashioned, Please

I’ll have an old-fashioned winter, that is! Yesterday, my brother presented some historical data about winters gone by and the possibility that this winter might be an “old timey” winter. Click on the picture to read an older blog post … Continue reading

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The Team of Troublemakers

Herman the German (my father) and Uncle Bob (his brother) have an interesting relationship.  My father is four years older; Uncle Bob is “the baby.”  My grandparents kept a cow until “the baby” went to high school and I can … Continue reading

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Kings and Princes

One of my church friends once gave me something she printed out for her family called “The 21 Rules of This House.” She had six children she was homeschooling. I like the rules and they hang near my kitchen sink … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

When we are growing up, we see our parents as parents.  We may see them this way our entire lives and that is rightly so.  They will always be our parents.  Sometimes, I still see my parents as rigid disciplinarians.  … Continue reading

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