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Santa’s Free Ride

Ever since we’ve had a “Gazebo” in the middle of town, we’ve had a “tree lighting.”  The Lisbon Falls Baptist Church sings Christmas carols and serves hot chocolate and cookies; when everyone has sung through all the songs they know, … Continue reading

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Herbie the Dentist?

It didn’t take long for things to get weird this holiday season, did it? I’m not quite sure what to say.

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The Christmas Card List

I mailed my Christmas card order to Saturn Press the other day; I’m sure the beautiful letterpress cards are making their way from the coast of Maine to my post office box right now. My list is prepared and I’m … Continue reading

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Gazing into My Sole Again

Yesterday was “Cyber Monday.”  According to the radio news puppets, lots of people bought things online.  Maybe I’m immune from the pressures of advertising because I don’t have a Tee Vee or maybe I’m just a Scrooge, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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A Little Ice on Everything

New England’s Thanksgiving weather was extraordinary; there were bright blue cloudless skies with temperatures hitting close to 50 degrees in my little corner of Maine.  This was healthy, walking-off-the-pie weather. “Black Friday” wasn’t a bad day either, until about 2:00 … Continue reading

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A Simple Sunday

I like my mother’s simple holiday arrangement at The Motel. She got the basket at a yard sale (fifty cents at most) and the greens are from the farm. Bittersweet is everywhere and when the yellow parts fall off the … Continue reading

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The Longest Walk Home

The last time I was in my hometown, I walked home in the dark and saw a shooting star.  One thing I forgot to mention was that I was carrying our friend Margaret’s Wonderful Worumbo coat home with me, hugging … Continue reading

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Sweetie Pie

This will be our third Thanksgiving dinner at Moody’s Diner. We’ll load up the Jeep and I’ll be at the wheel; we’ll listen to Bing Crosby, then I’ll throw on some Johnny Cash for Herman the German.  He likes “Sunday … Continue reading

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Ring Those Moxie Bells!

I had a breakfast business meeting Tuesday before I got to The Big Corporation; I met my friend Merrill Lewis for coffee.  Merrill is the “Grand Poobah and Embarassador” of the New England Moxie Congress and we would have had … Continue reading

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Walkholm Syndrome

This Thanksgiving week, many bloggers will be writing about gratitude and giving thanks.  It’s not a bad idea; living here in the “first world,” it’s sometimes easy to bemoan the lack of things which aren’t necessary for life and living.  … Continue reading

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