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Healthy Halloween!

It’s hard for me to believe this is my third Halloween here at the old white house. No pumpkins this year and no chocolate, either.  I’m handing out three different types of “energy bars.” The leftovers will be more useful.

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Playing Hooky

The other day, while using the internet, I saw this: “Quick!  Name the last time you played hooky.  If you can’t remember, you’re probably overdue.” Insert annoyed groaning sound here.  I can’t quickly remember the last time I played “hooky.”  … Continue reading

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Like an Accordian

I fell asleep on the couch last night, folded up like an accordion while reading.  My library book, Kenneth Roberts’ Arundel, is due on Wednesday. The book takes place primarily in October, 1775 with winter suddenly folding into history’s autumn … Continue reading

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How to Survive the Coming…Whatever

As I wrote on Monday, I had no plans to watch or listen to what was called the presidential “debate” on Wednesday evening.  The news chatter surrounding this media debacle, appropriately staged in Las Vegas, suggested the event would give … Continue reading

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Since we last met at this electronic outpost, New England’s temperatures fluctuated up and down and two things happened.  First, we had a killing frost that turned the morning glories into mourning glories and I’ve begun the sad job of … Continue reading

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Three Beautiful Words

It’s been a strange week here at the house.  The light, its amount and strength, seems to decrease more than a little each day.  Sitting out on the porch, even wrapped in blankets, is futile. The world outside my figurative … Continue reading

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Retreating into Autumn

We didn’t think Leo Kottke would sell out Rockland’s Strand Theatre; he did and we had to hustle like panhandlers before the show to get our seats. We agreed if only one ticket was to be had, it would be … Continue reading

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The Decline of the West

Last night, Handy and I sat on the screen porch in our usual spots.  The setting sun dragged the temperature down and we wrapped up in knitted blankets.  (Is it still politically correct to call a “knitted throw” an “Afghan … Continue reading

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The Crimson and the Gold

On Friday, I indulged myself in the purchase of a very small parcel of land that runs along Baumer’s Field.  In reading the warranty deed, I noticed it mentioned my paternal grandfather three times, particularly “along land of said Leo … Continue reading

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