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Putting My Mind to It

When my brother and I were growing up, our mother often used different teaching maxims to shape our young minds. “Haste makes waste.” “Too much togetherness breeds contempt.” “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” “Herman, you BLEEP!” Oh, wait… One of … Continue reading

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The “B” Holder

In carving pumpkins, my skills are limited.  I have a tendency towards self-absorption, too, carving a “B” for “Baumer” into a pumpkin. Unless of course, the “B” stands for “beauty” and then it just means I am always searching for … Continue reading

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Garlic Music

If you click on the beautiful image of “Music Garlic” below, courtesy of Whatley Farm in Topsham, you can read everything I’ve written about garlic on this blog. Today is the first day back to work from my two-week vacation … Continue reading

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The Mortal Coil

When I was eleven, my cousin Kirk died.  He was born with a developmental disability and he never walked or talked.  He died when he was only six and his funeral was the first I attended.  The funeral remains an … Continue reading

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A Paradox

There is a new coffee shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  They serve tiny French pastry-like sweets and George Howell coffee.  I didn’t realize how important George Howell was to coffee until the owner explained it to me, but you know, … Continue reading

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The Pawn at The Colony

Promoting The Moxie Festival at Sunday’s Wicked 5k in Kennebunkport?  Check. Spending Sunday afternoon in the glorious October sun on the coast of Maine?  Check. Waking up at 2:00 a.m. to hear the closing remarks of the WEEI gas bags … Continue reading

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The Mail in the Box

I stopped at the post office yesterday on my way to pick up some basement windows Handy ordered.  It’s been a busy week here. My P.O. Box had only one bill and a catalog which promised to be “the most … Continue reading

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Fall Foliage Driveway Tour

I had lunch at my brother’s house yesterday.  Just before I snapped this image, there was a leave shower. It’s good to get off the beaten path.

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I’m Julie-Ann and I’m a workaholic. There.  I’ve said it.  I think about all of life as work.  When I’m not doing my “work for pay” I’m working on projects.  What’s funny is that I was once a project manager … Continue reading

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Percolating Coffee

With the coffee steaming next to my netbook, I sat down to write my homage to The Biddeford Ball.  Why do words fail me?  For a woman of my particular socio-economic station who never went to a high school prom, … Continue reading

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