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Before Christmas, I got a box in the mail.  In the far-north outpost he now calls home, friend and blog commenter Loosehead Prop found a stash of old novels in a used book emporium.  One was the 1948 bestseller, Dinner … Continue reading

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The Christmas Conspiracy

Handy’s meat thermometer had been missing for several months.  It disappeared in the summer and I uttered words like “when did you last see it” and “it will show up when you least expect it.”  Time passed and he rejected … Continue reading

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Letters from the Solstice

It’s that time of year for corporate “thank you” letters and e-mails.  The type that arrives with the year’s final electric bill or an auto insurance renewal.  They come from some remote CEO or an unknown Vice President of Corporate … Continue reading

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Affectionately Yours, Coffee

It was a swirling snow globe-like world here in Maine over the weekend.  It started as snow Saturday morning and continued most of the day.  It changed over to ice and rain in southern Maine and made for dangerous travel … Continue reading

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The Cookie is the Reward

Jaxon texted me yesterday. One of my co-workers e-mailed our team today.  She says “I’ll be offline a good portion of the day today delivering gifts to families housed at a local domestic violence shelter.” Why must people go into … Continue reading

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Studded Snow Tires

It’s odd how the brain works during the fortnight before Christmas.  Despite the insurmountable list of things that “must be done” the overachieving type is always looking for one more thing to add to the number.  I know how that … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Boys

(I’ve never knowingly immersed myself in “gender” or “women’s studies” and so am unable to confirm through peer-reviewed literature whether the old idiom “boys will be boys” is true.  A quick internet search brings up three articles in mainstream news … Continue reading

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The Advent of Advent

Checking the calendar yesterday, I noticed it was the second Sunday of Advent.  Was Thanksgiving early or late this year?  How is it the second Sunday of Advent and there are no wreathes, trees, or lights at my house? 20 … Continue reading

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Bright Shiny Objects

Something about this “wreath” caught my eye, but today I’m having buyer’s remorse. Bright, shiny object syndrome.

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