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I Didn’t Even Have To Click My Heels

When it’s a Thursday that feels like last Monday and a friend from home sends me a remarkable picture of a place I love, what else can I do but sigh and wipe a little tear from my eye. Photo … Continue reading

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You Might Have To Get Your Hands Dirty

Yesterday was a London-like foggy day here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  A light mist fell; anyone with naturally curly hair (like Frieda from “The Peanuts”) had a battle to maintain a sleek and smooth coiffure (like Jackie Oh!) … Continue reading

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The Treadmill

Last week, I attended a 3 day conference.  I sat down, sat some more, had lunch and then sat down again.  I was not able to move and groove around as I like to do.  By Thursday morning, I felt … Continue reading

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Mowing The Lawn

When I got home on Saturday, I noticed the lawn was long.  We’ve had a lot of rain and the grass just keeps on growing.  I asked my father if he would like me to mow the lawn; after all, … Continue reading

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We Are Going Home

Saturday was a big day.  My 30 tomato plants made the trip from the Coop to Uncle Bob’s.  Today will be a big day of planting.  No rest and  no barbecues. I remember talking with Uncle Bob about tomatoes in … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Yard Sales Cause Accidents

This Friday, I have no goofy dreams to report and no crank phone calls to repeat.  I’m just going to pontificate from my pillow.  Today’s pompous pontification – yard sales cause accidents. Here in New England, the “seasons” as we … Continue reading

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You Call Them Weeds

I call them rebels, yelling “Don’t tread on me!”

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No Matter What

I can’t quite believe it but the Red Sox have been on a tear since Friday, May 11, 2012.  They’ve won 9 out of 12 games and although I can’t take credit for their success, I was at the game … Continue reading

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Chive Cheerleaders

Chives are funny little perennial herbs.  They were the first signs of life at The Hampton Victory Garden this winter, remember?  It’s hard to believe, but the green part of the chive plant has now grown up and the chives … Continue reading

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Crazy For Carrots

I love local food.  Some people might call me a locavore.  I’m not a member of the slow food movement per se, but I think smaller and closer is better when it comes to the foods I eat.  I try … Continue reading

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