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Back to School Blueberries

Just for a second, I thought today was September first.  Like a ringing phone pulling you from a deep sleep, it’s a little frightening.  Yikes!  I’ve got to stop scaring myself first thing in the morning.  Tomorrow is that day. … Continue reading

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Go to Sleep Now…

Readers will be shocked when I tell them I volunteered to work on the “September Showcase” at the local library.  What is one more thing to do?  I was curious about The Moxie Festival’s history and I enjoy spending time … Continue reading

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Beauty Unwinding

Everyone is talking about the end of summer, lamenting its passing. A few beautiful flowers continue to unwind each day. I have no complaints today.

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They Brought the Funk

This blog’s rhythm has followed a pattern this summer.  Monday posts are generally “travel and tourism” pieces about whatever festival or “Vacationland” venue I visited over the weekend.  Thursdays are “minimalist” posts and this summer, they’ve been mostly flowers from … Continue reading

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Sitting in Handy’s Chair

I wrote today’s post last night, sitting on the screen porch.  The day was warm and overcast and an unsettled weather pattern crept into town.  By evening, a cool, damp breeze stirred through the oak trees and I could hear … Continue reading

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Another Post with Flowers

When I would see them in other gardens, I thought gladiolus were old-fashioned and somewhat funereal.  On a hesitant whim, I planted some. The duo of hummingbirds who visited last week, enjoying the flower’s nectar, convinced me to plant more … Continue reading

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Down to Land’s End

I’m on deadline this morning, writing an article for the Lewiston Sun Journal.  The piece will run on August 23, I think.  Maybe it runs on August 30.  I had a set Sunday article schedule, but then August had some … Continue reading

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I Was a Whiny Baby!

Last Friday, I celebrated a birthday.  It was a gorgeous day; the weather was beautiful and I received many, many wishes and greetings by every invented method of communication.  Alan, Gina, Handy, and my brother Jim even stopped by with … Continue reading

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A Cow Called Moxie

At the Topsham Fair last week… As it should be.

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The Demolition Derby

It was another “fill it to the brim” weekend in Maine.  For me, the 48 hours (more or less) begins on Friday at around 4:00 p.m. when I go to my farm share.  It’s a peaceful way to begin the … Continue reading

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