Down to Land’s End

I’m on deadline this morning, writing an article for the Lewiston Sun Journal.  The piece will run on August 23, I think.  Maybe it runs on August 30.  I had a set Sunday article schedule, but then August had some twists and I’m uncertain.  But I know for sure the piece is about barbecue.


Although I’ve been scribbling and contemplating barbecue for a few days now, there was no picnic barbecue this weekend and no tailgating at the Lisbon Concerts in the Park.  I took a short trip west looking for sneakers and an antique bureau.  I got the sneakers, but no bureau, no candles, no Woolite.  It was a strange strike out.

But then Handy texted me on Saturday night and asked if I wanted to have dinner at 5:30 p.m.  I wondered if maybe Handy had been slaving away on the grill, making some barbecue, but when I got to his house he and his friend Kurt were waiting for me in Kurt’s 1957 Cadillac.  Big white wall tires, lots of leg room, and a smooth running engine.  We drove down to “Land’s End” on Bailey Island.  It was a cool night and Kurt is an excellent driver.  It felt like we were time tripping.  I only wish I had taken better pictures.

Handy in the CadillacHot and steamy on Sunday, but there was work to be done in the garden and even though summer is winding down, there are still weeds to be pulled and whacked, perennials to be deadheaded, and tomatoes to be picked.  I ended Sunday with a power walk on the river path next to my house.

Down By The RiverIt was a weekend full of thoughts and over thinking.  Some ideas for blog posts are percolating, but I never have enough time to fully research and develop them.  Handy says I think too much.  Handy doesn’t have a blog and the need for new content twice a week, though.

Nevertheless, the ’57 Cadillac was righteous and I’ve got no further thoughts about that sweet ride.

“Tearing up the highway like a big old dinosaur.”

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3 Responses to Down to Land’s End

  1. Bob Earle says:

    Two of my favorite things. Land yacht Caddies and Bailey’s Island. Sounds like a perfect summer night. White wall tires light my fire too.

  2. Jim says:

    What’s not to like about a ’57 Caddie with “big white wall tires, lots of leg room, and a smooth running engine.”? When the era of Happy Motoring comes to an end, I’ll hold onto memories like that one.

    Harpswell is another destination I love. Whether it’s the Bailey/Orrs Island side, or Route 123 and South Harpswell, lots of gems to explore along Maine’s nearby coastline, in close proximity to the compound.

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