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Turkeys in our Midst

Some people raise chickens and some people raise turkeys.  Some people raise both. Turkeys contain Tryptophan, an ingredient that promotes drowsiness and rest. Turkeys were made for rainy Sundays.

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The Sea Gull (A Dream about Garbage)

In a never-ending conversation about recycling, my nephew reminded me “recycling is hardly the answer.  It’s a part of the answer, but consuming less is the ultimate goal.” ********** Last night I had a dream I was at The Dump … Continue reading

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Where Everyone Knows My Name

I went home last weekend.  I needed to do some work in my garden and I needed to make sure Uncle Bob was “ok.”  On Saturday morning, I loaded up the Jeep in my usual way and left The Coop … Continue reading

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When Wednesday is Thursday

This is a test to see if my blog readers are paying attention and to see if posts about surfers really are my most popular posts. I finally met Ralph Fatello; he’s kind of famous.  It was a brief meeting.  … Continue reading

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Toot Toot Tootsie, Good Bye

What was I thinking? I never eat Tootsie Roll Pops unless a) I’m desperate and b) it’s the only candy around.  One of my co-workers keeps a Tootsie Roll Pop “bouquet” in a mug perched on her cube wall; I’ve … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Tease

My alarm goes off every day (except Sundays) at 4:15 a.m.; some mornings, I hit “snooze” more than once.  I get up, make a cup of coffee, and start writing.  Once in a while, there isn’t enough time to fully … Continue reading

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The Eternal Rest of Marigolds

These Red Marietta marigolds were the last plants in the big home garden I share with Uncle Bob. I didn’t want to pull them out, but I knew they were approaching the end of their days. Uncle Bob said he … Continue reading

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We’ve got a few rules about telecommunications in our family; we are not people who just randomly call each other to chit-chat. During the offseason, when the motel is closed and I (sniff, sniff) don’t go home as much, my … Continue reading

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The Last Sunflower

I asked the smartest person I know to explain Fibonacci numbers in sunflowers. I don’t have an answer yet.  Enjoy the beauty of mathematics in nature today.

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The Castor Bean Plant

In my first summer at the Secret Garden, one of the gardeners grew a stately ornamental called a “Castor Bean” plant.  The Latin name for this plant is “Ricinus communis” and because these lovely species so enhanced the Secret Garden, … Continue reading

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