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Why We Write

This is the last day of my month of “power blogging.”  I wrote 29 posts in 29 days.  It was a challenge I designed for myself; an exercise in writing.  I like to write and I have been doing it … Continue reading

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We Are Zone 6a

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated their “Plant Hardiness Zone Map” this year.  The first update since 1990, this new 2012 version provides greater accuracy and detail.   You can find it here.  The purpose of the Plant Hardiness … Continue reading

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Golden Garden Rules

I’m in the middle of updating the seven “rules” of the 2012 Hampton Victory Garden’s “tenant agreement.”   Shockingly, two of the seven “rules” involve liability and the other five are very general suggestions.  The hardest “rules” in any project or … Continue reading

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V is for Vacuum

I was looking over my notes and dates from last year’s gardens, trying to gauge when it will be the right time to start tomato and pepper seeds.  The Seacoast weather seems to indicate that spring will be early this … Continue reading

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Age of Aquarion

It’s been raining a bit, the kind of rain that helps soften the ground and encourages a different kind of sprout. We’re so lucky here in New England; we have lots of water.  We also have running water at the … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Kale-afornia Dreaming

Dreams are so crazy.  If they’re sweet and dreamy, they might not be memorable.  On the rare occasion when I’ve had a sweet dream, I could only remember a shadowy image of the events or people involved.  My father, King … Continue reading

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Simmer Down Now…

There were “frost heaves” along the garden paths today, too! But I remember an “April Fool’s Day” snowstorm that cancelled my brother’s baseball practice one beautiful early spring day. Simmer Down Now Hee-Yah!

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Truth, Myths, and Lies

Truth:  In addition to being the first president of the United States, George Washington was also a successful farmer.  He was devoted to composting, as evidenced by the building of a “stercorary” on his Mount Vernon farm.  A “stercorary” was … Continue reading

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Garden Chic

This weekend, my friend Amanda helped me fix my sewing machine. (Thank you!)  I have a bad habit of buying old aprons when I can find them at yard sales and flea markets.  Some of these old cloth ladies were … Continue reading

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Sprouts – This Is Not A Foodie Blog

This is not a foodie blog.  Nor is it a food photography blog.  But the sprouts are done and I thought you might want to see them. As you may recall, these sprouts were started on February 7, 2012. Two … Continue reading

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