V is for Vacuum

I was looking over my notes and dates from last year’s gardens, trying to gauge when it will be the right time to start tomato and pepper seeds.  The Seacoast weather seems to indicate that spring will be early this year, yet a fresh layer of snow covers the landscape north of Portland, Maine.

Conclusion:  it’s still too early.

Last week, I rummaged around my storage space to inventory seed starting supplies and when I got up from kneeling over the box, I realized how out of shape I’ve gotten this winter.  The forty minute walks at lunch can’t compensate for all the time spent SITTING in front of a computer screen or lounging around with a book.  We hardly had any snow to shovel.  Gardening in New England requires a certain amount of physical stamina and the time to prepare for it is NOW.

But how can it be done?  My “garden style” condo, more appropriately named “chicken coop style” condo, is far too small for any type of home exercise equipment.  I don’t enjoy the gym and the days are still too short (though getting longer!).

My solution is to vacuum.  Every day, I pull out my vacuum and run it around the coop whether it needs it or not.  I move furniture, kneel down to get into corners, and stretch to reach under the bed.  By using every possible vacuum attachment on every square inch of the coop, I can get an additional 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a day.

How do you like them chickens?

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  1. Bernard Saint says:

    If you require any further exercise, I’ve got some extra vacuuming you can have!

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