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The Late Blooming Lupine

I always thought of myself as a sunflower, but maybe I’m a late-blooming lupine. Life is full of surprises!

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More Moving People

When I tell people in town where I live, I generally get one response in a variety of combinations.  Something like: “YOU LIVE NEAR THE WALKING PATH!” Yes, it’s true.  I do live near the walking path.  And as daylight … Continue reading

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Where Credit is Due

I’m not a woman who spouts off motivational quotes at the first sign of a problem.  I’m not saying certain combinations of words aren’t helpful, though, and the following two quotes are probably the ones that have helped me the … Continue reading

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The Truth about Hospitality

I’ve written about hospitality before.  Writing and talking about things is not the same as doing things.  Can I get a heartfelt “Amen?” For the last two months, I have had the good fortune to live in two places.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Thowback Thursday?

For no particular reason. Mat it, baybee.

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The Final Countdown

I try not to use song titles as blog titles, but I was born in 1964.  This means I was raised on rock and roll and FM radio.  Petroleum runs through my veins from all those years of cheap energy—racing … Continue reading

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It’s the Way Life Should Be

Another beautiful Monday morning in Maine…carloads of visitors trickle out of the state while new carloads speed in.  They come here because clever marketers have told them it’s the way life should be. The last few weeks have been a … Continue reading

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I Told Them Where to Go!

For most people here in town, The Moxie Festival is a marker, a pin on the seasonal map that says “this is the high point of summer.”  In anticipation, everyone drags their chairs down to Route 196 and prepares to … Continue reading

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A Favorite Photo

We started going through some of the public relations photographs from the 2014 Moxie Festival.  Tomorrow, I think I’ll tell you more about the parade and here’s the preview. Volunteering is fun!

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Eu Bénite

We had some special guests during this year’s Moxie Recipe Contest.  A Tee Vee meteorologist, Charlie Lopresti, visited Chummy’s and did a live weather segment.  The contestants, the tasting panel, and the audience were enthralled and although I was running … Continue reading

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