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Charlie Smith and the Man in the Moon

The Maine weather was spectacular this weekend. Eighty degrees here and warmer in other places. Clear and dry, too. I regretfully ate the last cantaloupes I grew this summer. Uncle Bob and I pulled up the spent sunflowers and dug … Continue reading

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Where Credit is Due

I’m not a woman who spouts off motivational quotes at the first sign of a problem.  I’m not saying certain combinations of words aren’t helpful, though, and the following two quotes are probably the ones that have helped me the … Continue reading

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The Not So Random BEEP BEEP

A once-popular bumper sticker surfaced in the 1980’s.  It said “practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”  Two years ago, I wrote a blog post with my thoughts on random acts of kindness, so I won’t bore … Continue reading

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