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Uncle Bob Knows

I just took a quick peek around the internet; imagine my surprise to find the world whining about weather.  “It’s raining!”  “It’s cold.”  “It’s sprinter.” Is my coffee ready yet? The “gooverment” (as O’Pa used to call it) has collected … Continue reading

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The Salesman

I’ve written more than a few times about not having a Tee Vee.  Bla, bla, bla; I’ll spare my readers the “I don’t have a Tee Vee” shtick except to say that I’ve become quite sensitized to the dramatic pageantry … Continue reading

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Geranium Brain?

It was overcast and rainy yesterday.  Such days are always good for kicking around local independent garden centers like Allen, Sterling & Lothrop or Skillins in Falmouth, Maine. It’s still too early for planting geraniums outside in a stone maiden … Continue reading

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The Tour Starts Here

In 1935, Cole Porter wrote a song called “Begin the Beguine.”  It was not very popular, even with Josephine Baker dancing to it in the 1936 Ziegfield Follies.  Around this same time, Artie Shaw and his band were struggling along, … Continue reading

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A Very Grand Staircase

For no particular reason.

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April Showers and All That

The weather puppets were calling for rain yesterday so I made it to Uncle Bob’s before dark and planted a few “cold weather crops.” Click on the picture to read what I had to say about that a few years … Continue reading

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The Surgery Light

Last week, I twice-blogged about the St. Mary’s Hospital chapel dome, but there is a second dome, counterbalancing that old section of the hospital and it’s referred to as the “surgical dome.” Its ceiling panels were glass and back in … Continue reading

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Easter Lilies

A closer look at the stained glass inside the St. Mary’s Hospital chapel in Lewiston, Maine. Peace to you today.

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The Passion Play

When I was very small, I thought everyone in the world was a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  My world was a tiny wheel, the hub being my parents’ house.  There were four or five spokes to this wheel … Continue reading

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Breaking Ground

The Farm daffodils are finally breaking ground. Spring’s a bit late this year.  I’ll still take it.

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