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Your Halloween Yap

It’s been a long and strange week here in the little state of Maine. The national eye has been on Fort Kent, near the Canadian border where an “Ebola nurse” has created a media firestorm by writing the rules of … Continue reading

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Hoarders on the Highway

Driving down the road, I ran into some hoarders. A little blurry.  How did we get here?

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Herman’s Hip(ster)

Seven weeks ago today, my father had his hip replaced. Remember? He did great at the hospital, so great they sent him home on the third day.  Then the troubles began.  He was up a lot at night.  He was … Continue reading

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A Message from the Burning Bush

According to weather experts, New England had a Nor’easter this week.  Some areas received as much as 5 inches of rain and the Mount Washington Observatory recorded winds of up to 84 miles per hour on Wednesday evening.  It’s been … Continue reading

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Waiting for the End of the World

After owning an i-thingy for over two years, I learned how to take a picture of the screen. That’s apparently why we’re here…to learn things. I’ll have more to say about the deluge, the teacher, and the wait tomorrow.  Until … Continue reading

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I have been farting around the internet this morning, searching for the origin of the word “scrumptious.”  Some dictionary sites claim the word is an alteration of the Latin word “sumptuous.”  Others state “we don’t know.” Most date the word … Continue reading

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And I Might Just Add

A warm spell passed through New England this week.  Indian summer?  I’m not sure.  It was warm, humid, and unsettled.  Armies of Coccinellidae swarmed out of nowhere and made their way into the house; a ladybug infestation of Biblical proportions. … Continue reading

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Turning Towards the Gold

I found some gold under this old-timey tree. Beautiful autumn.

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The Intersection of Nowhere

Writing a blog isn’t as glamorous as a lot of people think.  I try to think of interesting things to write about, but I’ve been in a creative desert recently.  Funny stories come and go.  Many aren’t ripe for the … Continue reading

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The Falling Leaves

One Saturday morning in May, 1991, I sat at my dining room table in Portland, bawling my eyes out.  It had been exactly five years since graduating from college and in between balancing my checkbook and looking at old pictures, … Continue reading

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