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Not a Pineapple

Everyone thinks my garden finial is a pineapple. It didn’t look like a pineapple to me, so I did some research and conclude it’s a pine cone. I’ll have more to say about pine soon.

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The Leave of Absence

In the last month or so, my blog has become a difficult writing experience. It has felt like a diary, narcissistic and self-absorbed. I don’t care for these qualities in others and I don’t care for them in myself. Given … Continue reading

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Post Past

I was reading through some old blog posts last night and thought I’d share one from almost two years ago. Click on this link to start the “way back” machine. In my post, I wrote this about my grandparents: “They … Continue reading

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Faye’s Way or the Highway

Blog readers may remember a post I wrote in April about my troubles keeping the plywood Easter eggs hanging from the town gazebo. It all worked out, but I was glad when Easter was over and I could take those … Continue reading

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Power to the Moxie People!

After last year’s Moxie Recipe Contest, several people approached me with feedback.  Just little things, like “I wish I could have tasted some of the food.  Everything looked so good!” I tossed around a variety of possibilities.  Moxie Buffet? Moxie … Continue reading

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This Year’s Trillium

Still beautiful.

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A Simple Reduction Plan

There’s a saying in my hometown, at least this year, and that saying is “It’s always Moxie season in Maine at the Moxie Festival.”  Yep, that’s the theme of this year’s festival and we’ve even got T-shirts that say so.  … Continue reading

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Angel Investors

Oh, happy Saturday!  So what if it was raining when I headed out on my errands?  My large and obnoxious golf umbrella would keep me dry.  A visit to a friend’s house was also on my itinerary; I had no … Continue reading

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Maraschino Moxie Minced

This week, I started working in earnest on the details for the Moxie Recipe Contest.  Some of my newer readers may not know this, but last year I “hosted” a cooking contest during the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls.  Excitement, … Continue reading

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Daffodils appear in my Surprise Garden! That’s something to be happy about.

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