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Jail Break!

I had a dream last night.  After tossing and turning for a few hours after midnight, I finally fell asleep and broke the law in dreamland.  It was a minor infraction, like littering or jaywalking, but in the dream, I … Continue reading

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The Gift of Moxie

Yesterday on Facebook, I suggested that Monday, June 30, 2014, was “Moxification Monday.” Here’s what I posted: Time to get those home Moxie fires burning! Moxie up, friends, tomorrow is Moxification Monday.  I love my hometown! According to my brother, … Continue reading

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Power to the Moxie People!

After last year’s Moxie Recipe Contest, several people approached me with feedback.  Just little things, like “I wish I could have tasted some of the food.  Everything looked so good!” I tossed around a variety of possibilities.  Moxie Buffet? Moxie … Continue reading

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