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Just Maine Folks

Over two weeks have passed since my last biographical sketch of Lisbon writer Eloise Jordan.  In this last post, it was June, 1924 and Jordan had just graduated from Lisbon High School.  I’m a person who enjoys things in chronological … Continue reading

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The Faded Frito and Other Food Infamies

Last week, after finishing the Joy of Cooking biography, I was inspired to cook with gusto.  I stirred up a pot of chili and planned to serve it “street food” style over bags of Frito corn chips.  It had been … Continue reading

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Bitterly Beach

On Tuesday, it was sunny with temperatures in the 40’s.  It was a day for lazy perambulation and dogs at the beach. On Wednesday, the temperatures dropped and the wind blew bitterly. No dogs, no driftwood sculptors, no one.  It … Continue reading

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The Joy Review

My cooking experiences with a cookbook called Joy started when I bought a used spiral bound paperback edition published by New American Library under the “Plume” moniker.  It must have been in the 1990’s.  Only one recipe is tabbed; “Ginger … Continue reading

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The Joy of Snowing

I recently finished reading Anne Mendelson’s 1996 book Stand Facing the Stove.  It’s a dense and interesting biography of Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer, and the cooking compendium they created, Joy of Cooking. I picked up the book to learn … Continue reading

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Spring So Beloved

On January 6, 1979, Eloise Jordan’s New Year’s column in the Lewiston Evening Journal’s Magazine was what I like to call “weather and seasons.” Looking out over the year ahead she wrote: “We know the January blizzard that flares over … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of Eloise

Last Friday, my boyfriend Handy and I had the pleasure of attending a concert.  The Maine troubadour David Mallett was playing at Auburn’s Unitarian Church.  It was Handy’s birthday, an occasion worthy of a night on the town.  And even … Continue reading

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Lady Alone Eloise

Eloise Jordan, a long-time columnist and feature writer for the Lewiston Evening Journal, is remembered by few who read the physical incarnation of this local paper today.  Mention her name to the digital paper’s readers and the response will be … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Blog Readers

How many times have you seen a business or organization write “an open letter?”  For instance, Starbucks might write an open letter to coffee drinkers, explaining why the “holiday” cups don’t have a Christmas-ey theme.  The letter ends with an … Continue reading

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