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Spring So Beloved

On January 6, 1979, Eloise Jordan’s New Year’s column in the Lewiston Evening Journal’s Magazine was what I like to call “weather and seasons.” Looking out over the year ahead she wrote: “We know the January blizzard that flares over … Continue reading

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Lady Alone Eloise

Eloise Jordan, a long-time columnist and feature writer for the Lewiston Evening Journal, is remembered by few who read the physical incarnation of this local paper today.  Mention her name to the digital paper’s readers and the response will be … Continue reading

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Mining our Material

My brother, Jim Baumer, gave a talk at the Lisbon Historical Society last night.  The subject of his 40 minute “chat” was John Gould’s career as a newspaper writer and editor.  Gould, the author of more than twenty books, also … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Funny with Me

My father, Herman the German, is a funny guy.  He might have been the “class clown” in addition to being the “Carnival King of 1951.”  He jokes around a lot and sometimes I think he uses humor as a foil … Continue reading

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The First Day of Summer

After helping out at the Moxie Car Show Sunday and then taking a short nap, I visited Al and Dot Smith up at the Ridge School.  This circa 1874 one room schoolhouse is lovingly tended by the Lisbon Historical Society.  … Continue reading

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Local Laundry

Washing clothes has a long tradition.  Before the Industrial Revolution, women would take clothes to the river and rely on the water’s motion to agitate the dirt out.  Instruments of agitation included bats and sticks; how very violent! I found … Continue reading

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Wonderful Work

Yesterday, July 23, marked the 25th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Worumbo Mill in Lisbon Falls, Maine.  A few weeks ago, the Lisbon Historical Society presented a program about the fire.  It attracted a large crowd and Dot … Continue reading

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