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On the Road to China

Have you noticed I’ve spelled “Wedgwood” incorrectly here on the blog over the years?  I was mortified to discover it.  Mortified and covered in layers of embarrassment, visualizing the world laughing at me. I picked up a set of WEDGWOOD … Continue reading

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A Maine Easter Tableau

We had a busy Easter weekend.  Lots of running around, church, time with family, and then a Sunday drive to visit friends in “the country.” I contemplated writing a post about “lifestyle blogs” and how they’re a marketing fabrication targeting … Continue reading

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Of Things Still Standing

There was a Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Lewiston yesterday.  The Schola Cantorum sang parts of the mass in Latin and there was no shortage of incense.  As I later told … Continue reading

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Whatever is Good

When I reviewed my photos for today’s blog, I found this one. It was a calming image and I texted Handy from the quiet of my house “we’ve got a good life here.”

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Directing Traffic

My blog stats are at an all-time low today, although WordPress would never hurt my feelings by telling me such a thing.  They would only proclaim analytical information to me on days when my blog stats are “booming” from spam … Continue reading

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Are you familiar with the folk tale, “Henny Penny?”  Here in the United States, the tale is sometimes called “Chicken Little.”  In short, an acorn falls on a chicken’s head and the chicken panics.  “The sky is falling!”  There are … Continue reading

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The Little Teapot

It’s the little things that make life pleasant, like… …serving butter beautifully!

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Forget Me Not

I like to think I know exactly what to do when someone dies.  I’ve carefully studied Emily Post’s Etiquette and I follow the outlined steps.  I attend funerals and I send sympathy cards.  I try to be sensitive in my … Continue reading

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Nancy Reggae

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Nancy Reagan died this past Sunday; she’ll be buried today following a funeral service at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.  Much has been written about the … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Last night I dreamed I lost my wallet in Dunn Hall at the University of Maine.  It’s not a dorm anymore, but it was in “my day.” Thank goodness it was only in my dreams that I lost it.  And … Continue reading

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