On the Road to China

Have you noticed I’ve spelled “Wedgwood” incorrectly here on the blog over the years?  I was mortified to discover it.  Mortified and covered in layers of embarrassment, visualizing the world laughing at me.

On The Road to China...MaineI picked up a set of WEDGWOOD bone china last week, courtesy of Craig’s List.  It’s a short story about a long drive on a road leading to China…Maine.

I won’t be making that grievous spelling error again.

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1 Response to On the Road to China

  1. Loosehead Prop says:

    Did you ever wonder how Darwin could afford those voyages to the Galapagos? He was a WEDGWOOD heir, I believe by marriage. Unknowingly, WEDGWOOD money funded how almost every bit of the modern world around us is subtly shaped by Darwinism. Which should make you appreciate the grace and loveliness of your set all the more.

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