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The House of Big Salads

On April 28, the Pickwick Club, Maine’s only Charles Dickens reading club, will reconvene to discuss Jenny Hartley’s book Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women.  Perhaps you don’t know a lot about Mr. Dickens, other than the omnipresent … Continue reading

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Keep Digging

This is a schematic of the coal mine located on the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border.  It’s the Enlow Fork Mine. Here is a video of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. touring the mine. I toured this mine once, like Dale, Jr. did.  It was … Continue reading

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Buy the Book!

The book is out.  The talk is done (merci, bon Dieu!)  The roaster is clean (finally) and I have no more things to say in the passive voice. Now go…buy the book.

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The Jewelry Bag Explosion

On Friday, I went to a photo shoot.  Not for myself, but for this Sunday’s “Easter Bonnet” article. My friend Gail offered her hat collection as props for my Sun Journal story.  Gail loves hats, she wears hats, and she … Continue reading

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Great on Their Shoulders

It is fun to occasionally talk and write about yourself in the third person.  As a literary technique, it has its merits.  The Charles Dickens Dombey and Son character, Major Bagstock, pompously talked about himself in the third person.   Often. … Continue reading

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Talking out of My Hat

As predicted in last week’s blog, I got my Dickens copy to the Sun Journal editor on time.  It ran almost as delivered, with just a few editorial improvements.  The finished piece was artfully embellished by senior designer Heather McCarthy’s … Continue reading

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It’s of No Consequence

If you are an astute blog reader, you have noticed a change in blog content over the past six years.  In my early days of blogging, I chronicled my relocation dream.  I wanted to kick the Hampton Beach sand from … Continue reading

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