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The Ice is Out

Ice floes on the Androscoggin River, Easter Sunday 2015. Spring’s slow arrival.

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While the Sun Shines

After a few weeks of strange and uncertain weather, New England received a gift of a day. I texted Reggie Black more than once about the idyllic day he was missing. It was beautiful.

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Tea is Served

A large fly was buzzing around The Coop yesterday.  It was one of those flies that come out on beautiful October days, stupid and heavy with fatigue from the changing temperatures.  It swerved slowly around and I swatted it; it … Continue reading

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Tante Anna’s Birthday

Although I have reconciled myself to the fact that I may never have the life I dreamed about when I was very young, I am still trying to find a reasonable substitute for that spectral location.  I can see snatches … Continue reading

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A Stranger in My Own Country

I had the pleasure of taking a road trip to Belfast, Maine, yesterday with my brother.  He was giving a book talk at Beyond the Sea Books, part of the Belfast Bound Book Festival.  We had a wonderful time and … Continue reading

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