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Moxie is the Medium

Last Sunday I went to Bitterly Beach.  How is it that I have been back home in Maine for over five years now and it’s been almost two years since I last went to Reid State Park?  No, that cannot … Continue reading

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Bitterly Beach

On Tuesday, it was sunny with temperatures in the 40’s.  It was a day for lazy perambulation and dogs at the beach. On Wednesday, the temperatures dropped and the wind blew bitterly. No dogs, no driftwood sculptors, no one.  It … Continue reading

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Down the old Five Islands Road

There was a series of short shower bursts on Saturday night and as I headed out of Lisbon Falls, I saw a rainbow to the east of me.  In the geography of my mind, it was right over Baumer’s Field, … Continue reading

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Tea is Served

A large fly was buzzing around The Coop yesterday.  It was one of those flies that come out on beautiful October days, stupid and heavy with fatigue from the changing temperatures.  It swerved slowly around and I swatted it; it … Continue reading

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The First of the Last

Today is the last day of July.  Although it’s never good to wish away time, by July 31, I am scribbling “good riddance” in the margins of my calendar.  The lovely month of August is no longer in the rear … Continue reading

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