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Good Garlic Days

In my line of work, I have to make conversation.  Often, the chit-chat begins with someone telling me “well, I’ve had good days and bad days.”  I never use that response, although I might use “Comme si, comme sa.” Saturday … Continue reading

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My Last Show House

I parked my Jeep in the First Congregational Church parking lot in Kittery Point, Maine.  I walked across the road and took a picture to memorialize my visit. Then I said to myself “this is the last BLEEP show house … Continue reading

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Beauty is Everywhere

Most people driving along Route 196 through Lisbon Falls probably don’t notice these.  They’re distracted by the cares of the world. Beauty is everywhere.  Slow down and find it.

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Trending into Prague

Sometimes, Reggie Black drives me crazy. He doesn’t do it intentionally; he’s a polymath and a polyglot. He can’t help himself. If I told him he was driving me crazy, he’d say “Girl, I’m not responsible for what happens with … Continue reading

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Next Spring

My porch pansies are starting to look listless.  Next spring, I’ll go back to geraniums. It must be this morning’s August in the air that has me thinking of next spring.

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The Joy Killers

Wednesdays are generally “Tiny Steps Gardening Days,” here on the blog.  It’s also “Five Islands Week.”  Fortunately, for the sake of thematic blog unity, there is a “Five Islands Farm.”  They were closed when I walked by on Saturday night, … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sweetheart

A group of men and women are waiting in line at a convenience store.  A man with a radio voice strikes up a conversation and says he’s “definitely not in step with most of today’s society and proud of it.” … Continue reading

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Down the old Five Islands Road

There was a series of short shower bursts on Saturday night and as I headed out of Lisbon Falls, I saw a rainbow to the east of me.  In the geography of my mind, it was right over Baumer’s Field, … Continue reading

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I’m in Love!

I tried to take a sundown walk at Reid State Park last night; I met a road block. “The Park closes at 8:15 p.m.” I glanced at my watch and knew the park’s gate attendant wasn’t going to let me … Continue reading

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Staying up Late

I stayed up too late last night.  Talk, talk, talk and type, type, type.  Listen. Listening is the important part.  I need to keep listening. I’m wiping a little bit of sleep out of the corner of my eye this … Continue reading

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