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Move Along, Move Along

I went to a meeting in the “big city” yesterday; it required spinning around on Satan’s Highway, aka Route 128 in Massachusetts.  I got home after dark. My driveway is big and it has an entrance and an exit, used … Continue reading

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The Joy Killers

Wednesdays are generally “Tiny Steps Gardening Days,” here on the blog.  It’s also “Five Islands Week.”  Fortunately, for the sake of thematic blog unity, there is a “Five Islands Farm.”  They were closed when I walked by on Saturday night, … Continue reading

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Every Little Star

According to Wikipedia, a shooting star is nothing more than the visible path of a meteoroid when it busts through the atmosphere and becomes a meteor.  Radio airwaves are littered with songs about shooting stars, much in the same way … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Running Through The Mist

Today’s post won’t be about one of my crazy dreams.  It’s really just about the dream I enter into when I sink down into the dirt of Uncle Bob’s garden.  It feels like sacred ground.  It’s hard to write about; … Continue reading

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If The Shoe Fits

If you’re about my age, it’s possible you watched a CBS Television production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.”  It was first broadcast in 1957; it was remade by CBS in 1965 and broadcast 8 times through 1974.  I watched the … Continue reading

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The See Saw

It’s Monday, it’s raining, and I’m on the down swing of the see saw.  Last week, I predicted fears of a drought would dissipate with the first downpour and this may be so.  I drove home to the Coop in … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Tears On My Pillow

The last week was a busy and sad one here on the New Hampshire Seacoast.  With all my activity, I haven’t had any time for seed catalogues, daydreams, or night dreams.  My head hits the pillow and before I know … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – The World On Time

The less I have my hands in the dirt, the more stress I have in my life.  I haven’t done any scientific testing, but for me there is a correlation between the amount of time I spend breathing outside air, … Continue reading

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Sea Road

This is Sea Road in Rye Beach, New Hampshire.  It’s beautiful. There’s a house for sale on Sea Road but it’s too big for me.  I don’t need that much space for my aprons and my tomatoes. My dream dirt … Continue reading

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John Deere Green

My brother and I planned to spend some time together on Saturday, writer to writer, and we planned to meet in Uncle Bob’s garden.  My mother gave Uncle Bob the head’s up that we were coming, to which he said … Continue reading

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