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Tops Among Teens

Today is Father’s Day.  Many people will be writing blog posts about their fathers.  I’ve written about my father before and I will probably write about him again; this blog veers off into the ditch of Memory Lane from time … Continue reading

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Herman’s Hammer

A few years ago, a country AND western singer recorded a song called “The House That Built Me” and sometimes I would hear it and be all “boo hoo; that is a sad song.”  (Why are country AND western songs … Continue reading

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If The Shoe Fits

If you’re about my age, it’s possible you watched a CBS Television production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.”  It was first broadcast in 1957; it was remade by CBS in 1965 and broadcast 8 times through 1974.  I watched the … Continue reading

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Margaret Makes Toast of the Jinx

A few weeks ago, Uncle Bob accused me of jinxing the Red Sox, our neighbor Margaret was upset about it, and I had to crawl into a rain barrel.  One detail I left out was the fact that on Sunday … Continue reading

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Peace Trellis

I have never grown peas; I ate some delicious pea tendrils this spring and decided I would try to grow some.  I found instructions for making a “pea trellis” out of an old window and if you can believe it, … Continue reading

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The Sentimental Memory Collector

I’m sentimental and I like to collect memories.  When I worked on the Junior League of Boston’s 2006 Decorator Show House, my co-chairwoman, Audra, gave me a brown sequined hair tie.  It was such a little thing and since that … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Shreds

Thursdays are strange days at the office.  There is a certain stressful energy that builds up during the week and by Thursday, everyone is running pretty fast, throwing a lot of plates in the air and trying to keep them … Continue reading

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Age of Aquarion

It’s been raining a bit, the kind of rain that helps soften the ground and encourages a different kind of sprout. We’re so lucky here in New England; we have lots of water.  We also have running water at the … Continue reading

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Friday Pillow Talk – Kale-afornia Dreaming

Dreams are so crazy.  If they’re sweet and dreamy, they might not be memorable.  On the rare occasion when I’ve had a sweet dream, I could only remember a shadowy image of the events or people involved.  My father, King … Continue reading

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