Friday Pillow Talk – Kale-afornia Dreaming

Dreams are so crazy.  If they’re sweet and dreamy, they might not be memorable.  On the rare occasion when I’ve had a sweet dream, I could only remember a shadowy image of the events or people involved.  My father, King of Winter Carnival ‘51, (I love you, Dad), always seems to have the same dream about a job he worked at for 35 years.  A typical breakfast conversation at home might start out with “well, I dreamed I was down at the mill again last night.”  Inevitably, the water pressure in the dream boiler would dip and his boss would come down and give him a hard time and tell him to stoke it up.  He never says the dreams are bad, though, and he always laughs about them nostalgically and enjoys remembering them over his coffee and ever-shrinking newspaper.

My dreams are never about my job and the dreams I remember are mostly “struggle” dreams.  Someone is either tearing down a house and I’ve gotten there too late to salvage it or I’m being chased.  When I’m at home, my father always tells me when I’ve had such a dream.  King of Winter Carnival ’51 will say “I think someone was chasing you again last night.”  It’s gotten to be a joke.

Then, there are the teeth dreams.  According to a dream analysis web site, it is quite common to dream about teeth falling out in one’s hands, teeth crumbling, or teeth rotting.  I have never dreamed about my pearly whites turning to dust, decaying, or dive-bombing into my palm.  I dream about someone slamming a door on my face, loosening one tooth, and then I try unsuccessfully to call my dentist.  Last night, I had a dream about food being stuck in my teeth.

I was reading Elliot Coleman’s “Four Season Harvest”, trying to figure out how to build a miniature hoop house.  You know the drill.  Eyes close, book flies to the floor, and I’m asleep.  I was driving somewhere in my Jeep (not a Pinto or a Pacer).  Who knows where I was going, but I could feel something attached to the roof of my mouth, just behind my two front teeth.  I kept looking in the mirror and trying to dislodge whatever it was while keeping my Jeep on the road.  I kept thinking “what is it that is stuck in my teeth?”  In my dream, I was envisioning some type of gum growth that would need to be surgically removed and result in a catastrophic dental crisis.  It seemed like I was driving nowhere or the same road kept going on forever until suddenly, I pulled out the darn thing that was lodged in back of my tightly packed, orthodontist-approved teeth (thank you, Dr. Chabot, and rest in peace).  It was a chunk of kale the size of a grasshopper.

The Jeep started spinning out of control and I woke up.

I’ve got nothing more to say, except that kale is delicious and good for you, too.  You can read about it here.  I think I’m going to grow some this year.

Are you growing kale this year?

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