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The Real Deal

Back in the beginning of the twenty-first century, when I was newly divorced, I used to go and listen to live rock and roll music.  Sometimes I would go to big concert venues where I would be one of thousands … Continue reading

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Celebrity Kitchens

If I were so inspired, I would do some research on the number of cooking shows on Tee Vee.  I might also find out how many cook books were given as gifts; maybe I’d figure out the most popular cooking … Continue reading

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A Christmas Fantasia

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my friends, Eleanor.  I had asked her about her Christmas plans.  It turned out to be a very long story, but I had time to listen and I did.  … Continue reading

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In the Light

The lights are back on. Many authors have written about “the light” and how to live in it.  These are all just mental existential meanderings until the darkness falls.  Prepare for the darkness while there’s still light. Today.

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Good Times Three (GIGX3)

While it is true my own little corner of Northern New England was spared ice damage this past weekend, on Monday things took a turn for the worse.  Ice continued to accrete on trees and roads and after midnight, there … Continue reading

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A Gentleman’s Christmas

(Gratefully, my little corner of northern New England was spared from a damaging ice storm this weekend.  While there was the usual weather puppetry and foreboding, the failure of the ice storm to deliver a sharp, disabling punch to the … Continue reading

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Christmas Inflation

(Today’s post will be honest; not for the faint of heart.  I will try to keep my ire brief.  Please forgive me in advance for offending if you are among the offended.) There is a small, nondescript house on one … Continue reading

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During the most “wonderful” time of the year, decorating decisions are required.  Buying a poinsettia was only one thing on my mind.  I went to a florist yesterday and got caught up in it for fifteen minutes.  My hands wavered … Continue reading

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I’ll Have an Old Fashioned, Please

I’ll have an old-fashioned winter, that is! Yesterday, my brother presented some historical data about winters gone by and the possibility that this winter might be an “old timey” winter. Click on the picture to read an older blog post … Continue reading

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Crossing the Rubicon

In last week’s mail, I received my quarterly statement and invoice from my life insurance company.  The invoice was twice the amount I paid in August.  What was going on? When it comes to life insurance actuarial tables, calculating one’s … Continue reading

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