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A Reggie Black Friday

(Today’s post, Thanksgiving dinner from the land of perpetual sunshine, is courtesy of Reggie Black.  I’m thankful for Reggie’s contribution today and even though I’m not out shopping, this makes it officially “Black Friday” here on the blog…”Reggie Black Friday.”)  … Continue reading

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The Mysteries

November was “gratitude month” on Facebook, with many people writing a daily item for which they were grateful.  I enjoyed reading them. The practice of making lists is good, especially in preparing a Thanksgiving meal.  And sometimes, in matters of … Continue reading

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The Dibble Dabble

The day before Thanksgiving is alleged to be the worst travel day of the year.  Thanks to winter storm “Boreas,” it will be slow going for people up and down the East coast, trying to get home for the holidays.  … Continue reading

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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

One of the blogs I read, written by James Howard Kunstler, is updated every Monday.  Mr. Kunstler is an author and social critic and some of his ideas seemed offensive to me when I first started reading them, mostly because … Continue reading

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The Holiday Snow

On Friday, we had snow flurries but they didn’t accumulate.  It was a “faux” first snow.  Last night,  it snowed enough to create a thin blanket. It’s a lovely and peaceful way to start the holidays; let’s keep them that … Continue reading

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The Bag in the Pond

It’s been gloomy here on the blog and sad events have kept me from talking about my new home.  That’s a shame because it’s a wonderful place, only three miles from my parents, Uncle Bob, and The Farm.  I’m right … Continue reading

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I was shocked to find that abandoned flip-flops are everywhere, not just near sea-side condos. Wee-yud.

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Blog Dark

My sleep has been out of whack since we “changed the time.” It’s not the earlier darkness; it’s something in the morning that discourages me from getting up. It’s warm under the covers. Today is no different, but I’ll start … Continue reading

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King Solomon’s Beef

This weekend, Uncle Bob and I were talking about the prices of different meats.  I was trying to explain the many benefits of buying local, grass-fed meats versus Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) raised meats.  Uncle Bob could only see … Continue reading

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It Tolls for Thee

I went to a funeral yesterday and they tolled the church bell as we got in our cars to go to the cemetery. A death in the family and the full moon reminded me of an older post I wrote … Continue reading

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