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Le Carême

Early morning, Ash Wednesday. Brighter than last year.

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On the Road to Lewiston

Route 196 is a busy state road that connects Brunswick and Lewiston.  Cars move along at a steady clip in daylight, ferrying folks from one town to another.  There are faded crosswalks, of course, and according to my connections in … Continue reading

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I don’t remember when I started haunting the Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul in Lewiston.  Maybe it was Ash Wednesday.  Or maybe it was during a “Lady Alone Traveler” trip to Lewiston.  The exact day is not clear; my … Continue reading

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She Loves a Challenge

Last week, I got an e-mail from Kathie Veilleux.  She’s Leanne Pinkham’s sister and they both entered the 2013 Moxie Recipe Contest.  I asked her the standard question.  Do you like Moxie? She doesn’t, but you don’t have to drink … Continue reading

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Inside the Dome

Long walks seem to be the thing this spring.  Last weekend, I walked three and a half miles for a donut.  This past Saturday, I walked that same approximate distance for a plate of lasagna.  Life in Maine is interesting. … Continue reading

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On the Corner of Ash Street

On Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is over.

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C’est Aujourd’hui Vendredi

Here on the blog, I’ve shared many stories about the paternal personalities on the Baumer side of my family.  These Germans were all around me all the time, steady, stoic, and dependable.  It’s quite possible that my enjoyment of walking … Continue reading

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