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C’est Aujourd’hui Vendredi

Here on the blog, I’ve shared many stories about the paternal personalities on the Baumer side of my family.  These Germans were all around me all the time, steady, stoic, and dependable.  It’s quite possible that my enjoyment of walking … Continue reading

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Blog Dark

My sleep has been out of whack since we “changed the time.” It’s not the earlier darkness; it’s something in the morning that discourages me from getting up. It’s warm under the covers. Today is no different, but I’ll start … Continue reading

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A Giant Mess

I went to an estate sale at home last weekend.  It was on a familiar family street, one I’d walked down a thousand times.  Old sofas and Tee Vees lined the driveway and were spilling out of the porch.  The … Continue reading

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