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The Little White Halloween Dog

If I rummaged around my spare room long enough, I would find some pictures of my brother and I in our Halloween costumes, getting ready to walk around our neighborhood “Trick or Treating.”  We had a route we always traveled; … Continue reading

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We’re Cool

The last of the full moon is peaking through the clouds.  I can hear the sea roaring here at The Coop, which is 200 farm girl paces from the ocean.  I don’t always hear the sounds of the sea; in … Continue reading

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The Cure for Fear

The weather puppets have been screeching for a few days now about Hurricane Sandy. There was a news truck parked at North Hampton Beach State Park last night; it’s probably a good backdrop for a news puppet, with the wind … Continue reading

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Hunter Moon Hurricane

October is almost over.  Was there a full moon last night?  If there was, it’s known as a “Hunter’s Moon” or a “Harvest Moon.” For some strange reason, I woke up this morning thinking of one of my farmer friends.  … Continue reading

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When You’re Tall

Saturday night is my 30th high school reunion. For no particular reason or maybe because I’m the tallest person on the reunion committee, I will be giving a few prepared remarks after the buffet and before we start dancing to … Continue reading

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Morning Glories at Night

On a night walk, I found these morning glories. Everyone’s holding onto October as long as possible.

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Hurry Up, there’s No Huddle

I don’t remember exactly when I started following NFL football.  I went to football games in high school and college, mostly because I liked being outside in the fall, cheering and walking around.  I didn’t understand football, though; it just … Continue reading

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Tea is Served

A large fly was buzzing around The Coop yesterday.  It was one of those flies that come out on beautiful October days, stupid and heavy with fatigue from the changing temperatures.  It swerved slowly around and I swatted it; it … Continue reading

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Bringing in the Wood

For the last ten or so years, I’ve helped my father bring in his winter wood.  He and Uncle Bob cut and split it over on The Farm and then they bring it home in Uncle Bob’s old dump truck.  … Continue reading

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The Patient Farmers

My friend Jaxon and I went to a farmer’s market yesterday.  There were so many beautiful carrots; I bought a bunch from each farmer at the market. I planted some carrots this spring.  Remember?  The instructions were “be patient.” I … Continue reading

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