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He’s Gandhi

In my August 18, 2016 blog post, I wrote “I’ve cast a disdainful eye on television in the years I’ve been blogging.  I referred to it as ‘Tee Vee’ and taken a position that “it’s like a termite chewing through … Continue reading

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The Patriocalypse

A few weeks ago, I heard a radio personality discuss advertising, public relations, and demographics.  Without descending into a long history of cigarette marketing dating back to Bernays, I’ll summarize in five words: After 50, you’re demographically dead. What a … Continue reading

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The Manning Conspiracy

The weather guessers (or the weather puppets, if you prefer) were wrong on Friday.  They had predicted between 3 and 6 inches of snow. Prior to Friday, temperatures were balmy and most of our meager season’s snow had melted.  Apocalyptic … Continue reading

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My “Come to Tebow” Moment

When I was a child, I remember sitting on the living room couch with a bag of circus peanuts.  Not cocktail peanuts, dry roasted peanuts, or peanuts in the shell, but those peanut-shaped orange marshmallows.  Maybe I didn’t like them; … Continue reading

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Be a Skunk

Here in New England, it has snowed for the last four weekends.  We had a blizzard, a snowstorm, and a Sunday storm.  On Saturday night, we got a coating of thick, heavy flakes.  The winter weather has caused much groaning … Continue reading

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Hurry Up, there’s No Huddle

I don’t remember exactly when I started following NFL football.  I went to football games in high school and college, mostly because I liked being outside in the fall, cheering and walking around.  I didn’t understand football, though; it just … Continue reading

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