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In the Mist of a Memory

Early in January, I wrote a blog post about cultural confusion.  The post featured an image from the Maine Sunday Telegram, circa 1951; two college co-eds were whipping up some eggnog in a South Portland home.  The article said they … Continue reading

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Symbols in Stone

The main portal of the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Lewiston, Maine consists of two side by side doors.  Above is the tympanum, composed of a relief sculpture in limestone.  The sculpture represents a vision of Saint Dominic, … Continue reading

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The Ashen Heart

The February 14, 1945 Lewiston Evening Journal’s headline read “Russians Crash Through Queis River Line.”  It was the second day of bombing raids on Dresden, Germany. The Bill Davis Smoke Shop’s ad on page 10 simply offered four different brands … Continue reading

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The Patriocalypse

A few weeks ago, I heard a radio personality discuss advertising, public relations, and demographics.  Without descending into a long history of cigarette marketing dating back to Bernays, I’ll summarize in five words: After 50, you’re demographically dead. What a … Continue reading

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