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The Old Soul

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact event or moment when I realized I was an “old soul.”  It could have been all the hours spent studying my parents’ yearbooks.  Or maybe it was the summer day I picked up Beverly … Continue reading

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With Little Fanfare

I’m changing my blog schedule around.  For starters, I’m moving my Thursday “Minimalist” series to Mondays. I saw this poster at the Seawicks Candle Company shop in Boothbay Harbor.  I wanted to buy a candle, but my Yankee frugality stopped … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Friendship, Maine

I contemplated writing a post called “The Death Rattle of the Worumbo Mill” today.  I even took a hack at it last night before falling asleep; I cobbled together 180 words, more or less.  Then I settled my week’s weary … Continue reading

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Runner Beanith Zenith

Growing peas and climbing beans is a garden delight.   This wall of beauty began with 10 or 12 seeds I saved from last year’s less than stellar runner beans. I’ll have seeds to save and seeds to share; let … Continue reading

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The Monday Morning Blues

My cousin Margaret is visiting Maine from her home near Washington, D.C.  She drove up on Friday and arrived at the cottage she’s renting late that same evening.  She invited me over for breakfast on Sunday morning. She’s staying in … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Funny with Me

My father, Herman the German, is a funny guy.  He might have been the “class clown” in addition to being the “Carnival King of 1951.”  He jokes around a lot and sometimes I think he uses humor as a foil … Continue reading

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The Clawfoot Tub

Did I ever tell you there was an old clawfoot tub behind the barn?  There was.  Handy and I finally moved it this week. Not for plants; I’m thinking “solar tub” or “solar shower.” To be continued…

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A Chunk of the Moon

Due to Sunday’s rain, the Moxie Car Show was postponed to August 14.  Fortunately, Friday’s fireworks were wonderful; my brother and sister-in-law came over and we watched them right from the backyard of my house.  After the fireworks, we started … Continue reading

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Rain Dance

The forecast for the Moxie Festival is mixed.  It might rain.  As the Moxie math goes, heat always trumps rain for the festival, meaning folks will come out in the heat but not so much in the rain.  The good … Continue reading

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The Moxie Festival starts tomorrow! It’s a cute truck, but it won’t be in the car show.

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